The Founders

Sun Myung Moon and his wife Hak Ja Han Moon are considered by their followers to be the True Parents of humankind. This title is a new concept in human history, referring to the belief that God is a Parent, encompassing equally masculine and feminine characteristics, and that as a Parent he loves all people as his children. God is the original True Parent, and throughout history he has been searching for a couple to manifest this love physically on the earth, and then raise up and educate all people to become true parents, embodying God’s love in all their relationships. This was God’s original ideal at the time of creating Adam and Eve, and his fervent wish was for them to become the first True Parents of history. Their failure to do so was a tragedy that broke God’s heart and led to our current world of suffering. Rev. and Mrs. Moon have dedicated their lives to teaching and practicing a lifestyle of ‘living for the sake of others‘ as the way to create ‘one family under God‘.

Here is an interview Rev. Moon did with Al Capp in 1972.

(In the first video, the sound comes on at the 25 second mark)