God’s Peace Kingdom Is The Eternal Homeland for All Blessed Families

Respected leaders of the United States:
I am grateful that so many of you could
gather here today, in spite of your busy public
and private schedules.
Let me begin my address by reading an
excerpt from a prayer that I offered forty-seven
years ago. The year was 1958 and I was a 38-
year-old single man. This prayer is recorded in
the Cheon Seong Gyeong, a collection of passages
from sermons I have delivered over the course
of my ministry.
“Loving Father, thank you for the grace by
which You have protected Your humble son, who
has fought since childhood so that Heaven may
not suffer humiliation and insult.
“Even the finest things of this earth are worthless
when measured against the original heart by
which You act. Considering this, we should feel
boundless longing to stand in a position where we
can connect to Your heart. A person who encounters
Your true love could lose the entire world and
not miss it.
“Beloved Father, we must now establish the
ideal world, our original homeland, where Your
love saturates every person’s life. During our
earthly lives we must prepare for the day when
we will make the transition into the next life as
Your liberated children, inhabiting a realm of freedom
there. Just as a child must be healthy in the
womb for it to be healthy during its life in this
world, we must lead wholesome lives in this world
if we are to be healthy and complete after entering
Heaven. Nevertheless, the world in which we
live today is under the dominion of evil and therefore
is full of contradictions. Thus the only way
that heaven and earth can support us in our
endeavors, and the only way we can harmonize
with the dynamic ebb and flow of the universe, is
Now Is God’s Time
God’s Peace Kingdom Is The Eternal Homeland for All Blessed Families
The Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon
if we are victorious over ourselves to the extent
that we are ready to give our lives.
“Loving Father, You have toiled throughout
history to create a new springtime of hope for
us. Let us recognize that, in order to greet the
new spring, our lives must be bound to Your life.
We must assimilate ourselves completely into You
and be absorbed in You. Allow us the certain
knowledge that this is the only way to receive
Your spring and break forth as Your beautiful
“Help us to also understand that just as a tree
that blossoms in spring must pass through summer
and autumn before it bears fruit, so too our
lives must pass through a certain process before
we can bear fruit. No matter how long it takes,
or how stormy the environment, we cannot allow
our inner self to be invaded. We must continue a
course of steady development. This is the only
way we can reach the next spring as a mother’s
body for a new life, a mature seed ready to be
sown in the fertile soil.
“Though we may appear shabby and
wretched, we must not forget that we are people
whose internal form is as a crystal, capable of
gathering the infinite life force to be planted as
life-bearing seeds in the infinite world. I beseech
You that we always remember, in the face of difficulties,
that the more pitiful our external appearance,
the more significant and substantial is our
internal value.
“We know, loving Father, that anyone whose
heart is not overflowing with longing to attend
You and bow down before You will be unable to
bond with You in that eternal world. Let us open
our hearts now, so that we may feel Your heart.
Let us hear Your voice today as it wells up within
our hearts, so that we may establish our lives in
your truth. Let us appreciate with our whole
heart the tragic course You walked as You struggled
behind the scenes of history to reclaim each
one of us. Of our own accord, we bow our heads
in Your presence.
Respected leaders of the United States,
what is the first attribute of truth? It is that it
is eternal and unchanging. If I truly have
received the anointing of Heaven as the Savior,
Messiah, Second Coming and True Parent, who
appears on the earth to communicate
Heaven’s truth and save humanity from the
hell of the human fall, then the word that I
teach must not change. There should not be
even the slightest difference between what I
teach today and what I taught 20 years ago or
40 years ago.
I received Heaven’s call at the youthful age
of 16 and have dedicated my life of over 80
years to the task of accomplishing God’s will
on this earth and saving humankind. My teachings
do not derive from my own knowledge or
personal philosophy. The words that come from
my mouth, whether 50 years ago, at this
moment, or at any moment in the future, are
truth given by Heaven to humanity. They are
the heavenly doctrine that humanity should
uphold and live by forever. Even if all six billion
people on earth were to oppose me, my words
are still the eternal and unchangeable truth.
Nothing can be added or taken away, not even
one iota.
As I prayed 47 years ago, so too today I pray
that you will open your hearts and experience
the heart of God. Please listen to the voice of
God that wells up from within the deepest
recesses of your own heart. Please do not ever
forget Heaven’s wondrous will and love, which
have guided my footsteps back to America even
after I thought I would never return.
One Moment and One Lifetime
God created us to be born in love, raised in
love, live our lives in the midst of love, and then
die in the arms of love. So everything—our
birth, our life, and our death— should give rise
to gratitude.
From birth we find ourselves sharing in the
lives of our parents. We become participants in
their lives. Our parents conceived us in love;
in us they planted the flag of their love. We live
our entire lives in accordance with the banner
of our parents’ love. We should wave this banner
each moment of our lives by loving our parents
and our siblings.
The person who ignores the value of each
and every moment to love will lose what is
truly precious. Whether we win or lose is determined
in a single moment. Every historical victory
and every heavenly victory was
determined in a moment. Therefore, a great
person lives his or her life constantly aware of
the precious value of each moment, for every
particular moment is uniquely special. Such a
person can be included in the ranks of the
saints, and even become a divine son or daughter
in Heaven and on earth.
From this perspective, it is vital to understand
how to live in relationship with God’s will,
in the contexts both of daily personal life and of
historical time. Before we talk about our hope
that God’s will be done and His Kingdom come,
we need to assess the degree to which we are
living in oneness with His Will.
The Bible records a 4,000-year Providence of
Restoration that includes Noah’s family,
Abraham’s family, Moses’ family and Jesus’
family. We see that the mistakes the members
of those families committed were not events
extending over a decade or several decades.
Those who erred did so in a single moment,
and the error of that one moment fated them
and their descendants to a path of indemnity
extending over a thousand years of history, and
caused peoples and nations to fall into a bottomless
pit of destruction.
That reveals the seriousness and importance
of each moment of our lives. Even the
eternal Kingdom of Heaven cannot exist apart
from the single moment. Eternity does not
begin when a person dies; it begins when a person
comes to know Heaven’s will. If even a single
moment should ever be skipped, or if there
should be even the smallest hole in time, eternity
will cease to exist.
As people of faith, it is good for us to dream
of the eternal, but it is even more important that
we understand how to eradicate evil and advance
goodness in the context of our own life in today’s
reality. In other words, what you should fear
most is not the judgment that will come in the
Last Days, but whether you are living each
moment of your daily life in oneness with God’s
Will. You should be concerned about how your
life intersects with the course of God’s Will.
The Path to Our True Home
The truth is that the circumstances of our
families, societies, nations and world do not
align with our will. Therefore, we find ourselves
dealing with all manners of difficulties, and we
struggle back and forth across the turning point
between good and evil. Every single day we
prepare and struggle to triumph over our circumstances.
Even in terms of our daily schedules,
we often experience that we cannot do all
the things that we planned to do in the morning.
This is all the more the case as we take on
a greater public role. We find that we need proportionally
greater determination and driving
force in order to conclude each day of our lives
with victory. The days add up to become
months, then years. Ultimately, they add up to
form our entire life.
Ladies and gentlemen, while living on this
earth, neither we nor anyone in history can
escape the confines of time. Individuals, families,
tribes, peoples, nations and the world move
within one realm of time. Each person has a
certain purpose to fulfill during the course of
his or her life. A person will strive for ten years,
twenty years, or an entire lifetime in pursuit
of this purpose. The larger the purpose, the
stronger must be the person’s internal resolution
and dedication. To accomplish his or her
purpose, a person must possess an internal
determination strong enough to overcome any
You may not understand about the spirit
world. But through God’s special grace, I came
to know that unknown world with certainty.
Looking at the fundamentals of that world, I
saw that it operates on a simple principle. When
people cross over into that world, those who
lived for the sake of others according to God’s
heavenly laws and principles will enter
Heaven, while those who lived selfishly and
only for themselves cannot avoid going to hell.
What is heaven? Heaven is a kingdom of peace.
It is where the original ideal of creation that
God purposed from the beginning is completed.
It is the true homeland all human beings must
seek and find.
We are descendants of Adam and Eve, who
were expelled from the original homeland as a
result of the Fall. Therefore, it is our destiny to
return to and re-enter that original homeland.
However, we cannot enter there by human
effort alone. It is possible to enter only because
God has worked through history to enable fallen
human beings to go there. God established various
religions, suited to each peoples’ diverse
cultures and traditions, to guide humanity.
Religion, however, only trains people to acquire
the qualifications. To actually bring us to this
higher dimension, God is now leading humanity
above and beyond the cultural backgrounds
of the various world religions, towards a single
unified religious world.
The Goal of Life
All religions teach their followers to live for
the sake of others because their purpose is to
prepare their people to live in the original
homeland. Living for the sake of others is the
essence of true love. To train us in this way of
life, religions give highest priority to the practice
of meekness and humility. They teach us
to place other people above ourselves and to
live for their benefit. They teach sacrifice and
Ladies and gentlemen, what is the ultimate
goal of life? It is to possess God’s love completely.
To reach that final destination, a man
and a woman must travel the road together.
They may encounter life-threatening situations
dozens or even hundreds of times, or even die
on the way, yet that is the path of life that leads
them back to God.
What is the ultimate human desire? It is to
possess God’s love completely. True love is the
core of God’s being. You may possess God’s
attention completely, yet God will not be your
God unless you possess God’s true love. On
the other hand, if you completely possess
God’s true love, then you will not mind even
if God is not with you. You enter a state where
everything that is God’s is yours, and everything
that is yours is God’s. Then for the first
time, the internal and external will be one.
The place filled with such love is the ideal
Kingdom of Heaven. Once you reach this state,
you will perceive beauty in all beings in the
world, and everything in the world will live
for your sake.
And yet, ladies and gentlemen, because of
the fall of the first human ancestors, all people
without exception have inherited Satan’s false
love and were born with Satan as their parents.
Satan’s lineage has been passed down to you
through your mother and father. This is the picture
of who you are here today. Our beginning
was in error because false parents abducted us;
therefore, we must go back and begin again in
the lineage of the True Parents.
This is how deadly serious our lives are. You
must inherit God’s love, God’s life, and God’s
lineage. It is possible only through the Holy
Blessing Ceremony. This ceremony is not a religious
rite of the Unification Church alone but
grace from God. You were dying because you
were pricked by Satan’s poison-tipped needle,
but through this ceremony you will be revived.
The Purpose of Creation
Then, let us look from God’s viewpoint at
the reasons He created human beings. There
are three. First, God created human beings with
material form in order for Him to be the Parent
of all material existence. God, being invisible
and without material form, cannot have dominion
over things that have material form. In
other words, God needed to exist as a being with
form: that is the form of a Parent. God wished
to become one with Adam and Eve and through
them to act as the substantial Parent to all
Second, the invisible God cannot produce
children of His perfect image by Himself. A
vertical line perpendicular to a horizontal plane
cannot move beyond the single point where it
intersects that plane. There is no reproduction
in the spirit world. The spatiality that is necessary
for reproduction to take place is created
only when there is a horizontal deployment
from the perpendicular axis tracing a sphere
through 360 degrees. God needed an organic
process by which to produce citizens of the
Kingdom of Heaven, and so He created this
horizontal earthly world. When a man and
woman meet and form a couple through conjugal
love, they create a sphere through their give
and take action, and become a channel by
which to produce citizens of the Kingdom of
Heaven. God’s desire was to multiply so many
people of the Kingdom of Heaven that there
would be more than enough men and women
to fill the ideal world He envisioned. This is the
reason it is important for husbands and wives to
bear and raise many children.
Third, God created human beings in order
to establish and maintain an eternal partnership
of love. When God created Adam and Eve,
He intended that they would become His eternal
partners of love. But they were not the only
ones. Once God had established Adam and Eve
in His partnership realm, it was His intention
to likewise establish their children and all their
descendants in a world where everyone would
be His direct partner of love. In this way, God
created human beings to maintain the world of
love’s partnership for eternity.
If Adam and Eve call God “Father,” then
should their children call Him “Grandfather?”
No, they would also call Him “Father.” God is
the vertical center. From God’s perspective, all
the partners of His love are equal. Each partner
of God’s love possesses equal value transcending
time and space. After all, each is produced
when God’s vertical love is extended horizontally
on the same plane. This means the value
of perfected love is always equal.
Intermediaries between the Spiritual
and Physical Worlds
Next, let us look at the process of God’s creation.
When God created the universe, first He
created the natural environment and then on
that foundation He created human beings. In
the beginning, God was the center of everything.
In the end, He desired that human beings
establish equilibrium and unity throughout the
natural world. Thus, human beings would be
in the central position—with the spirit world
relating to the mind and the physical world
relating to the body. Humanity has a mission:
to serve as the intermediary between the spiritual
and physical worlds.
Look at the natural world in which we live.
It contains two axes: one visible and the other
invisible. The Earth, as an object partner,
revolves around the sun, its subject partner, at
the same time that it rotates on its own axis.
Likewise, our body revolves around our mind
by following the mind’s directions at the same
time that it also engages in its own rotational
motion that enables it to exist and function. I
am trying to illustrate a universal principle, one
that illuminates the path of restoration that
leads to the salvation of fallen humanity.
Human beings have a body that revolves
around the physical mind. The physical mind
revolves around a higher center—the spirit
mind, and above the spirit mind is yet a higher
center—God. Human beings are complete only
when they are completely one with God. Yet, a
complete human being, though he or she may
appear to be an insignificant individual, represents
all of history and all relationships of the
future. That person’s value is equal to that of
the entire cosmos. If we wish to attain such cosmic
value, we will let our spirit mind lead the
way as we go about our life. This is heavenly
law. The time has come when Heaven will
judge whoever goes against the promptings of
his or her conscience, which speaks through
the spirit mind.
We are now living in the Age After the
Coming of Heaven. This is an era when your
sincerity, your dedication and your sweat will
bear fruit. The founders and saints of the great
religions, accompanied by myriads of good
ancestors, have descended to the earth and are
participating in the works of the Providence.
Now is the time to flee from this world of anxiety,
fear and confusion, and follow the teachings
of the True Parents to establish God’s
Kingdom of Peace on earth. If you, the citizens
of the leading nation of the democratic world,
cannot do it, God will accomplish His will
nonetheless, even by educating atheists in formerly
communist countries to do so.
The State of Resonance
Ladies and gentlemen, how can we become
intermediaries who can unite with the will of
heaven? We should enter a state of resonance
with God. In nature, resonance occurs when
two objects vibrate with the same frequency.
Sound waves of harmonic frequency create resonance.
The resonating objects no longer
vibrate independently, but begin to move
around one center. In the same way, when a
person’s spirit self and physical self resonate
with each other and begin to revolve centering
on God’s true love, the person’s spiritual cells
and physical cells begin to function together.
His or her physical eyes, for example, will
vibrate in step with their spiritual eyes, and
they will be able to see not only the physical
world but also the complete reality of the spirit
For the same reason, when we reach the
state where our spirit self and physical self
become one by the explosive force of true love,
we will resonate with the earthly world, the
heavenly world and even with God. What is the
force that can move our mind and body into a
state where they resonate 100 percent? It is not
God’s wisdom, efficacy, or power. Only His true
love can do it.
Every human being has a dual structure,
consisting of mind and body. Each man and
each woman has a mind and a body. So when
a man and a woman come together, it could be
said that there are four entities present. If they
are not united, it could be chaos. But these four
become naturally one when they resonate with
God’s true love.
Lords of Creation Who Can Inherit
God’s Kingdom
Ladies and gentlemen, it is a law of the universe
that for every particular being or central
core, there will always be a second being that
revolves around it as its partner. The relationship
between God and human beings is an
expression of the same principle that causes
electrons to revolve around protons. The
human mind, like an electron, forms a relationship
with and interacts with God’s mind as if it
were protons. By this principle God carries out
His Providence of Restoration.
Indeed, as you delve into the words of truth,
you will experience how God’s life energy and
love commune with one another. As the
Apostle Paul said, it is because God loves us as
His children that we shine as lights unto the
The truth is eternal and unchanging. But
how in this evil world can you distinguish
between good and evil in order to travel the
path of truth? The answer is this: turn away
from the pursuit of self-aggrandizement and
place yourselves in a low, humble position.
The Bible says, “Whoever humbles himself will
be exalted.” (Matthew 23:12) The essence of a
human being is spiritual. When people die and
go to spirit world, they understand much more
clearly that essentially human beings are created
to live for the sake of others. Nonetheless,
we have not been able to escape from selfishness
and individualism because we still are
yoked to Satan by the shackles of his fallen
You should now eat spiritual food. Between
spiritual food and physical food, which do you
think should be tastier? If you are to survive
and stand on the side of God, you should prefer
the taste of spiritual food. This means that
you should prefer a life based on spiritual
strength rather than a life based on physical
It is said than human beings are the lords of
creation. Yet a person does not become a lord of
creation simply by virtue of being human. To be
minimally qualified, a person must not live
mainly for him or herself. They are rightly
called lords who live for others and serve the
whole. God is trying to accomplish His will
through such people. God is not building the
Kingdom of Heaven for Himself. By having
such selfless people build the Kingdom, He
wants it to belong to them.
God created human beings to live forever.
But if we were unable to cast off the yoke of
this evil world during our sojourn of one hundred
years or so on the earth, how would our
life be superior to that of an animal? Because
we are spiritual beings, we should differ from
animals. It turns out that the reason human
beings can be lords of creation is that our hearts
never grow old. Nature is always changing.
Even a rock, a symbol of permanence, cannot
endure forever the effects of erosion. Only the
human heart was created with the potential to
remain unchanging for eternity. Hence the
title, “lord of creation,” cannot be awarded based
upon one’s money or knowledge. It is not based
on power. It is only based on the true unchanging
love—God’s love.
Becoming Original Human Beings
Ladies and gentlemen, what are the ties that
will bind original human beings to each other?
Original relationships involve sharing joy and
exhibiting the values of praise and respect for
each other. Above all, they manifest perfect
true love within the realm of God’s absolute
Thus, original human beings are to encapsulate
the harmonious oneness of all relationships
in heaven and on earth. This is the very reason
we have both an invisible mind and a visible
body. If we had preserved the relationship
of mind and body that God had intended, then
the mind and body, though distinct and different
from each other in terms of function, would
be eternally united and whole.
Please consider your own life. I don’t think
you can deny that your mind and body are
often fighting each other. How much longer are
you going to allow this fight to continue? Ten
years? A hundred years? Or will it not end even
when you die? There is a definite order
designed for all beings in the universe. This
means God did not create us to exist in the
imperfect state in which we now find ourselves.
Your task now is to empower your mind and
subdue your body. The grace of Heaven will
be with you in this effort.
In the relationship between the mind and
body, the mind is the more important of the
two. The body persists for about a hundred
years and then passes away, but the mind, or
spirit, will live for eternity, transcendent of time
and space. You may spend your days on earth
eating and dressing extravagantly, but someday
you will die, and then what? You are better
off setting a good spiritual standard and then
harmonizing your physical life to that standard.
Make of yourself a person of integrity and
wholeness embracing both spirit and flesh.
Building the Peace Kingdom
Respected leaders of the United States, we
are now entering a glorious age. The Kingdom
of Heaven on earth, God’s ideal of creation, is
being established before your eyes. This is the
Peace Kingdom. In my life of more than 80
years, I have walked a lonely path. Heaven
called me to walk that path, soaked with blood,
sweat and tears. Now, that effort is bearing victorious
fruit for the sake of all six billion people
of the world.
In more than 180 countries, Ambassadors
for Peace have inherited Heaven’s will and tradition.
They are working hard, day and night,
proclaiming the values of true love and true
families. They are moving forward with full
force to establish world peace. In the Middle
East, one of the world’s tinderboxes, Jews,
Christians and Muslims have found the
resources in my philosophy of peace to engage
in a new dimension of dialogue for peace.
Unification Thought played an important role
in ending the Cold War. I am now playing a
decisive role behind the scenes to bring about
the unification of my homeland, Korea.
But ladies and gentlemen, that is not
enough to satisfy me. I began my life’s work at
the command of Heaven. I have come as the
True Parent of humankind with God’s anointing,
and I am determined to keep my promise
to Him to create a united world of peace.
As I stand here today on this platform, I
would like to make a truly important historic
declaration to humanity. For thousands of
years, Satan used the Bering Strait to separate
East and West, North and South, as well as
North America and Russia geographically. I propose
that a bridge be constructed over the
Bering Strait, or a tunnel be dug under it, so
that it will be able to connect the world super
highway starting from the Cape of Good Hope
in South Africa to Santiago in Chile, and from
London to New York, making the world a single
community. I would call this, “The World Peace
King Bridge-Tunnel.” Ladies and gentlemen, to
succeed with this dramatic and historic project,
the United States of America, Russia,
Europe, China, India, Japan, Brazil and all the
nations and religions of the world should work
hand in hand. With the complete success of this
project, humankind will be one step closer to
the Peace Kingdom on earth where there is no
more division and war.
Heaven warns us that we can no longer tolerate
separation and division. So let us really
bind the world together as one community, tear
down the walls of race, culture, religion, and
nationality, and establish a world of peace on
this earth. This has been God’s fervent desire.
There is no other way. Humankind’s current
course of conflict and selfishness is a dead-end
street. People are beginning to realize the significance
and the hope in my teachings of “true
love, true life and true lineage” which are the
pivots of building a world of peace. As the
power of Heaven sweeps down upon the earth,
even countries and peoples that appear strong
today will run out of options and will surrender.
The choice is now yours. The Will of
Heaven does not change. The teaching that I
received in prayer 47 years ago is the same
message I am giving to you who are living in
the twenty-first century. The power and fortune
of Heaven gave me the victory. Will you
join in step with Reverend Moon as I rise, and
work with me to establish true families, true
societies, true nations and a true world on this
earth? Or will you continue as Satan’s captive
behind the wall of your religion, the wall of
your culture, the wall of your nationality and
the wall of your race, and spend the remainder
of your life in agony and regret? Heaven is summoning
brave generals who will turn this world
of evil upside down and establish a new heaven
and a new earth.
Today I have delivered Heaven’s message.
Please inscribe it deep in your hearts, and
become wise leaders who will set new coordinates
for your lives.
I pray that God’s abundant blessing will be
upon your families and upon your nations.
Thank you.

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